The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is one of the four departments under the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology. The department has always maintained an old philosophy that “If you can’t count or measure it, you can’t manage it” therefore our activities affect all policies, and touch all aspects of people’s lives. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics came into existence after a reorganization exercise in 2011. Currently plans are far advanced to split the Department into two namely; Department of Applied/Techno Mathematics and Department of Statistical Sciences.

Information is a key resource for individual, organizational, national and international development. It must, therefore, be generated, processed, stored, and disseminated. The University decided to create this department in 2015 under the Faculty of Applied Science to train people to manage the various libraries and information centres in the country  and  beyond.  The  young  Department has competent, dynamic and dedicated professionals with extensive theory and practical training.

The Department of Food Technology and Hospitality (FTH) used to be called Department of Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management. This change of name was necessitated by the fact that, the department is expanding and will soon begin the running of programmes in Food Technology as well as diverse areas that concern the Hospitality industry. Globally the Hospitality Industry, which encompasses tourism, catering, lodging, events management, transportation, among others has seen immense growth.

The Department of Computer Science has since in 2007 been training students in Higher National Diploma programme. The Department trains students in various fields of computing that equips them with knowledge for development and utilization of modern computing. Graduates are placed in work positions that are in high demand in the society.

The following programmes are awaiting accreditation: