Globally the Hospitality Industry, which encompasses tourism, catering, lodging, events management, transportation, among others, has seen immense growth. Ghana is not an exception and this has necessitated the need for qualified personnel to manage the sector efficiently and effectively. The Hotel Catering and Institutional Management (HCIM) Department, under the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology, has been training students at the Higher National Diploma level for both Regular and Parallel programmes. The Department also offers Intermediate  Cookery and a competency-based diploma  programme in collaboration with the Presbyterian Centre food Vocational Instructors Development. The Department started Bachelor of Technology in Hospitality Management and Catering Technology (4 years and Top Up) both Regular and Parallel programme in the 2019/2020 Academic year.

The Department of  HCIM effectively imparts knowledge and skills to students through training modules in theory and practical work to equip them with the requisite skills so they can deliver at the job market.


To be internationally recognized as a Centre for training people for the Hospitality and Tourism industry for effective job performance.


The department seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  1. equip students with theoretical knowledge to enable them perform the requisite tasks in the hospitality industry.
  2. equip students with technical skills needed to perform professional tasks in the hospitality industry
  3. equip students with skills to conduct research
  4. equip students with professional and ethical considerations for the hospitality industry
  5. provide students with academic progression path to MTech and DTech programmes 

Activities and Events

The Department provides Food and Beverage Services and other Catering Services to the University, other institutions and the general public.

The Brick Guest House offers rented accommodation services to the University Community and the general public.

The Department produces Bissap drink (Sobolo drink) on commercial basis and also operate the Snack Bar.

The department of HCIM hosted the11th Institute of Hospitality National Delegates conference which was held on the Kumasi Technical University main campus from the 23rd to 26th of February 2022.

Programmes/Extension Services

  • A staff from the Department served as a member during the Tourism Awards for Hotels and Restaurants in Ashanti Region.
  • Undergraduates of the Department serve as supporting staff in hotels, restaurants, colleges, hospitals, schools and in industrial kitchens.
  • The Department manages events for the University and the general public.
  • Selected staff were judges of the national chocolate day competition organized by COCOBOD Ghana in Kumasi. 


October 2015: The Department hosted and won the ultimate prize in the National by COCOBOD Ghana by COCOBOD Ghana Ghanaian-American Chicken Recipe Competition. The award given was 4 Burner Stove with Oven.
November 2015: The Department placed second (2nd) in the maiden Idealicious Cooking Challenge sponsored by Nestle Ghana Ltd, held in Accra. The award given was a Cash Prize.
July 2016: The Department placed second (2nd) in the National Ghanaian-American Chicken Recipe Competition. The award given was a 5 Burner Stove with Oven. 

Future Plans

  • The Department hopes to run short courses in event management, culinary skills, and Room division operations tertiary diplomas in hospitality operations Management and a 4-Year BTech Programmes in Tourism and event management. Work on the documents on these programmes are on-going.

Income Generation

  • The Brick House is rented out to the University Community and the general public, for income generation to the Institution.
  • The Restaurant and the Snack Bar also generate income for the Institution. 

Activities of Staff 

  • 2021 Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology Colloquium Presentation by Vida Commey
  • 19 - 20 February, 2020 8th Annual Conference “Universities, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development in Africa” Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences Sankt Augustin, Germany. Commey V., Boateng R., Akonnor R. Priscilla, Impriam C. Evelyn and Harrietta Akrofi-Ansah
  • The 2nd International Conference on Tourism and Entrepreneurship (ICTE) 2020 december 11th -12th, 2020 Bali Indonesia. Vida Commey
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