Information is a key resource for individual, organizational, national and international development. It must, therefore, be generated, processed, stored, and disseminated. The University decided to create this department in 2015 under the Faculty of Applied Science to train people to manage the various libraries and information centres in the country  and  beyond.  The  young  Department has competent, dynamic and dedicated professionals with extensive theory and practical training.

The Department of Information Science has developed the following programmes which are being run at the Institute of Distance Learning and Continue Education (IDCE); 

  • Diploma in Library and Information Science.
  • Professional Diploma in Library and Information Science. 

The Department has developed BTech Library and Information Science programme and is awaiting accreditation.


To be a centre of excellence for training the nation’s library and information science experts.


The objectives of the programme are to:

  • Train students to appreciate the functions and purpose of library in a changing social and academic environment.
  • Produce library and Information Science officers who will be capable of performing functions in libraries and Information centres in the nation and beyond.
  • Equip all unskilled staff working in libraries and other information centres with knowledge and skills to ensure proper organization and dissemination of information in all institutions for their proper functioning using modern technologies.
  • Develop the skills of students to manage the Electronic Libraries in digital environments and to provide the advanced skills in computer and its application in library and information activities.