The Department of Mathematical Sciences is one of the four departments under the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology. The department has always maintained an old philosophy that “If you can’t count or measure it, you can’t manage it” therefore our activities affect all policies, and touch all aspects of people’s lives. The Department of Mathematical Sciences came into existence after a reorganization exercise in 2011. Currently plans are far advanced to split the Department into two namely; Department of Mathematical Sciences and Department of Statistical Sciences.

The Department services all other Departments including parallel and evening programmes in the University.
The department runs a three-year Higher National Diploma programme in Statistics which has been in Existence since 1993 when the polytechnics were directed to fully implement the tertiary education reform programme. Subsequent to the endorsement by the National Accreditation Board (NAB), the Department inaugurated its flagship top-up BTech Applied Statistics programmes with options in Health Statistics, Financial Statistics and Environmental Statistics in 2016/2017 academic year. The Department also runs Diploma programmes in Health Statistics.


To be a centre of excellence in producing high calibre graduates in Mathematics and Statistics suitable to support and sustain the needs of industrial and economic development of the country and beyond.


The programmeme is tailored towards:

  • Training Mathematicians and Statisticians in the requisite skills, techniques and aptitudes needed to carry out various mathematical and Statistical activities and programmemes in all sectors of the economy and national life.
  • Exposing students to other related auxiliary activities and skills that are needed to orient them more adequately in addressing the data generation, modelling and analysis requirements for solving challenging development processes.