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Senior Lecturer, Certified Information Security Manager, and ITIL certified with over seven years of experience managing IT infrastructure, Trainer in I.T/Computer Science and Information Security Management specialist with over 7 years exposure to different fields of work including; Check Point Security Software Management, I.T Audit and Security Management, Identity Management and Access Control, Data mining Privacy, Database Security and Big Data Management and Protection, I.T Policies and Standards, Quality Assurance, Compliance, Risk and Control and Regulatory. ‘I publish 22 articles and one book, still counting.

Collaborating with CISOs, outside vendors and teams of engineers and analysts. That means employers will want to see proof of outstanding leadership, oral and communication skills. They are also going to be looking for efficient multitasking and creative.

Problem-solvers. Like general contractors on a building site, Security, Managers are responsible for addressing a dizzying array of company issues, Leading Oracle user groups and advising I.T managers to roll on Oracle database

  • International Institute of Professional Education and Research (IIPER), Certified in Quantitative Risk Management (CQRM)-Fellow, July -August 2019.
  • University of Rochester/University of Ghana, USA/Ghana Exchange Program (August 2014 to 2016) Master o Philosophy in Computer Science
  • Sikkim Manipal University, Gangtok- India, 2011, M.Sc. Information Technology
  • Cyber Security Studies and Research Laboratory (2015-2016, Meerut, India) Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security
  • University of Ghana, Accra-Legon, 2008, B.Sc. Information and Communication Technology       
Professional Membership: 
Institute of I.C.T Professionals, Ghana (IIPGH) Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) ID: 970565 Member of Internet Society/Ghana, ID: 160802

Computer Science Senior Lecturer                                                                                                                           Feb. 14, 2011 till date

  • Kumasi Technical University, Kumasi (Ghana)
  • Lecturer/Researcher Teaching Database and Network Design and Management, Information Security and Server security, Open Source Operating System, Computer Literacy, MIS, Final year Students
  • Project Adviser, Department Liaison adviser and Attachment Follow-up, Convocation Committee
  • Council Member, Research and Community Service


Project Coordinator/ I.T Manager, Cocoa Organic Farmers Association                                                        August 2016 till date

  • Source funding for the Association
  • Coordinate and manage funding for the Association
  • Organize training for farmers
  • Carry out research to identify pressing needs for the farmers
  • Managed All I.T Setup and Infrastructure


Graduate Research Fellow, University of Rochester, New York USA                                                               August 2015-May 2016

  • Work in I.T Lab as a Junior Manager
  • Participate in various projects
  • Carry out routing Maintenance
  • Graduate Research Assistantship


Support Analyst, Timeware Ghana Ltd, Accra, Ghana                                                                                                        2010-2014               

  • Trained users on how to configure and use Access Control, Time and Attendance Management and Timber Tracking systems.
  • Provided on premise support as well as support over the phone to users requiring assistance on how to use system.
  • Generated report on call volumes to aid in tweaking training manuals to address frequently reported issues.
  • Implemented process improvement through the automation of data retrieval for clients.


Senior Application Support Analyst, Vodafone, Accra, Ghana                                                                                        2009 - 2010               

  • Provided network support and resolved various WAN/LAN connectivity issues
  • Coordinate with various teams for disaster planning and perform network backup and monitor recovery processes.
  • Managed and documented network systems, operational procedures and monitored hardware inventory for network.
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